Tricking and Freerunning differences

شهریور ۲۴, ۱۳۹۶


Tricking and Freerunning differences


As Freerunning is freestyle on barriers,we see new movements in this sport everyday;because of this,some Tricking acrobats such as “Corkscrew” and “B-Twist” are done in Freerunning.

Except this pretty small similarity between Tricking and Freerunning,there are many differences between these 2 sports that are written in 6 major cases below:

۱- The basis of Tricking is doing quick kicks and whipping kicks with twisting around the vertical axis of the body,in contrast,there is no kicking in Freerunning.(and this makes Tricking more freestyle because it’s not just creativity in acrobats,it also needs creativity in kicks,so Tricking is more creative.)

۲- Tricking is done on a flat floor whereas Freerunning is doing movements on barriers or uneven ground.

۳- In Tricking we do constant movements(tricks)which is called “Combo”,but a freerunner passes barriers with a single or at most 2 mixed movements.

۴- In Freerunning they do many movements on the walls,but Tricking is only on the ground.

۵- Tricking is freestyle and so much movements are done in Tricking such as(Power Break Dance dances,Gymnastics floor exercises,martial movements like kicks,weapons,and invented Tricking tricks like “TD Raiz”)but there’s no possibility to do all these movements in freerunning because freerunning is on barriers.

۶- All the movements that are done on the floor belong to Tricking,and all the acrobats that are done on barriers,belong to Freerunning.




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