The end of Tricking!

شهریور ۲۴, ۱۳۹۶


The end of Tricking!


Tricking doesn’t have training or career limitation,we can’t say what is in the end of Tricking.

Tricking is evolving and developing from inside automatically,it’s ebullient. It’s being updated constantly. It’s in Tricking’s nature to be creative and always create new movements so because of this,Tricking doesn’t have a stable shape and is changing over time.

Because of Tricking(as a use from Tricking)other martial arts,also other extreme and freestyle sports such as Break Dance,Parkour,Freerunning,and even Gymnastics are imitating Tricking and it’s tricks.

Tricking brought a great evolution in Martial Arts. Tricking’s essence is martial. Tricking actually,became famous via it’s kicks.

Any movements(tricks)in Tricking had better turn to or end up in kicks to form martial spirit. Tricking can be started with anything but it has to end up in kicks,because it means Tricking is martial and it’s tricks are operational(even in real fights!).


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