Freestyle Tricking

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Freestyle Tricking


What does freestyle mean?

Why Tricking is called freestyle?

Freestyle means creativity,invention,breaking rules and regulations. Simply,for example there’s no freestyle in Gymnastics because gymnasts cannot create new movements in any style,they must do and train in a particular set of rules.

Break Dance is freestyle and a dancer can create new movements or dances in the frame of Break Dance.

There’s no freestyle in Parkour,because basically the philosophy of Parkour is not good for being freestyle;parkour movements should be simple,cursive,fluent,and should be done in the least period of time possible.

Also there’s a little freestyle in freerunning.

But Tricking! Tricking is the most complete freestyle sport around the world because of some main reasons:

We have kicks in Tricking,but there are no kicks in Gymnastics,Freerunning,and Break Dance.

There’re cold weapons in Tricking,but no weapons are used in Gymnastics,Freerunning,and Break Dance.

These 2 factors have made Tricking better than Freerunning or Break Dance to be freestyle and create new stuff in it.

All the movements that are done using 1 hand and 1 leg,are created in Tricking,such as:Corkscrew,TD Raiz,Gainer switch,and so on.

There’s no such variety(in movements) in any freestyle sport around the world as is in Tricking!

For example,when a tricker performs a weapon form,the form consists of combination of kicks,gymnastics acrobats,created acrobats in Tricking,Break Dance powers(like Thomas,Eggroll,and …),and weapon swinging;that there’s no such a thing in freestyle sports or even martial arts done!




A major comparison between Gymnastics and Tricking’s acrobats;

The one who wants to learn Tricking,should learn Gymnastics basic acrobats(floor exercises) first,so that he/she can learn and understand Tricking acrobats because Tricking acrobats are a level higher than Gymnastics’;for example,Gymnastics “hand back flip(back handspring)” with some evolvememts in Tricking turns to “TD Raiz” ,Gymnastics “backflip360” turns to “Ironman”,or Gymnastics “Tempo” turns to “Gainer Switch” and “Flash”.

This shows that the one who is a good gymnast first,is capable of learning Tricking then;so in result,Tricking is a level higher than Gymnastics.

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