Comparing Tricking with other sports

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Comparing Tricking with other sports


In this chapter,I’m going to compare Tricking with other sports,especially with martial arts,extreme,dramatic,and exhibitive sports like Gymnastics,Break Dance,Parkour,and Freerunning.

This last chapter is a little long,so read it carefully to avoid misunderstanding.

In the end,comment your ideas,suggestions,and reviews below this chapter.

With regards to all athletes around the world!





Martial arts can be categorized to 3 main groups:

۱-Fighting martial arts

۲-Self defense and cold weapons martial arts

۳-Dramatic or exhibitive martial arts

Fighting Martial arts can be categorized to 5 main groups:

Powers like Muay Thai,Kyokushin

Speeds like Controlling Karate,Tae Kwon Do

Semi_powers or semi_speeds like Kick Boxing,Box

Semi_combinatorial like Wushu Sanda

Fully combinatorial like MMA





For the second group(self defense and cold weapons)we can point noble and original sports like:Wrestling,Jujitsu,and Kenjutsu.

But for the third group(martial dramatic(exhibitive))we can only notice Tricking. Now why just Tricking?

Examples I brought are for original sports around the world,a sport is international that has an origin and is registered and known in 5 continents. Nowadays,we see many sports that call themselves international whereas they are not even known in a single continent.

Tricking is a new sport in the third group,it means there’s no fight or self defense,it’s a dramatic martial style with it’s special philosophy.





Many martial arts have many styles,for example they have fighting style,form style,weapon style,drama fighting style,or … but actually they are combinatorial styles and the philosophy of their style ends up in fight or self defense.

But Tricking is the only style that is known in the 5 continents as a dramatic martial art style,and no styles could be an opponent for Tricking as a dramatic martial art.












So we can say all fighting or self defense martial arts on a side,and Tricking which is a dramatic martial art style on another side itself.

Generally,the path that Tricking is going,is totally different with all fighting or self defense styles,they are not even comparable,they have their own way and they have no similarities in movements,philosophy,and their origin.


So,now let’s compare Tricking with dramatic sports;

Tricking is dramatic martial art,and so I want to compare it with dramatic sports:

Well,before comparing,we’d better look up for their history first.

Gymnastics is a noble and original sport around the world which is in the Olympics since establishment of ancient Greece’s Olympics;it’s a complete proven sport.

Break Dance which is taken from Gymnastics floor exercises and street dance,has many different styles and is a proven style around the world. It’s considered as a freestyle sport.

Parkour is a sport with the philosophy of saving,helping,or running that was first proven to the world by David Bell. Parkour is literally traveling and running from a spot to another in the least time period possible,and passing objects and barriers simply and quickly. This sport is not just dramatic,it is also useful(for military or relief). Note*,flips and twists have no place in Parkour.

Freerunning is a combination of Gymnastics,Parkour,and all “round flips/twists” of Tricking like “Corkscrew”. David Bell was opposed to Freerunning from the beginning because of some reasons:

It destroys the essence of Parkour

The awful crashes and injuries of Freerunning that ruin the face of dramatic sports

Lack of regulations in Freerunning(there’s no regulations about barriers and heights in Freerunning so there’s no standards for it and this causes many injuries.







What’s freestyle?

Freestyle means creativity,invention,breaking rules and regulations. Simply,for example there’s no freestyle in Gymnastics because gymnasts cannot create new movements in any style,they must do and train in a particular set of rules.

Break Dance is freestyle and a dancer can create new movements or dances in the frame of Break Dance.

There’s no freestyle in Parkour,because basically the philosophy of Parkour is not good for being freestyle;parkour movements should be simple,cursive,fluent,and should be done in the least period of time possible.

Also there’s a little freestyle in freerunning.

But Tricking! Tricking is the most complete freestyle sport around the world because of some main reasons:

We have kicks in Tricking,but there are no kicks in Gymnastics,Freerunning,and Break Dance.

There’re cold weapons in Tricking,but no weapons are used in Gymnastics,Freerunning,and Break Dance.

These 2 factors have made Tricking better than Freerunning or Break Dance to be freestyle and create new stuff in it.

All the movements that are done using 1 hand and 1 leg,are created in Tricking,such as:Corkscrew,TD Raiz,Gainer switch,and so on.

There’s no such variety(in movements) in any freestyle sport around the world as is in Tricking!

For example,when a tricker performs a weapon form,the form consists of combination of kicks,gymnastics acrobats,created acrobats in Tricking,Break Dance powers(like Thomas,Eggroll,and …),and weapon swinging;that there’s no such a thing in freestyle sports or even martial arts done!







A major comparison between Gymnastics and Tricking’s acrobats;

The one who wants to learn Tricking,should learn Gymnastics basic acrobats(floor exercises) first,so that he/she can learn and understand Tricking acrobats because Tricking acrobats are a level higher than Gymnastics’;for example,Gymnastics “hand back flip(back handspring)” with some evolvememts in Tricking turns to “TD Raiz” ,Gymnastics “backflip360” turns to “Ironman”,or Gymnastics “Tempo” turns to “Gainer Switch” and “Flash”.

This shows that the one who is a good gymnast first,is capable of learning Tricking then;so in result,Tricking is a level higher than Gymnastics.




















Tricking and Freerunning differences

In Tricking,all movements are trained on the floor,but Freerunners are always on barriers,heights, or objects.

There are no heights or barriers in Tricking,and there are no floor exercises in Freerunning;so if a freerunner does a movement on the floor,he actually has done Gymnastics or Tricking.

So if a freerunner does floor exercises,he cannot say that he’s doing Freerunning,because there are no floor exercises in Freerunning.

In Tricking all movements are done in combos,but in Freerunning movements are single done,because they are on barriers and we can’t do combos on a small rock or something.


Well, now here’s the last and important issue;

Gymnastics has it’s own movements,so it’s not imitating any sports.

If we omit Gymnastics movements from Tricking,Tricking still  has it’s movements,so Tricking doesn’t need to imitate Gymnastics.

If we omit some powers from Break Dance that are like Tricking or Gymnastics’ powers,Break dance will still have many movements and styles from its own.

But if Tricking and Gymnastics’ movements be taken from Freerunning,it won’t exist anymore because it has nothing from it’s own;maybe there are some movements invented in Freerunning like “Monkey Gainer”,but they are so few.

Well,as you see not only,is not Freerunning  actually freestyle,but also it can’t be called a style because it doesn’t have basics and basis.


Many people don’t understand the difference between Parkour and Freerunning. When someone gets on the top of an object and does acrobats,everyone thinks his a tracer,but I explained what Parkour is and it’s totally different with Freerunning.





Is Freerunning better or Tricking?

According to comparisons before,Freerunning isn’t even able to be compared with Tricking,Freerunning has nothing of itself. If it still has some inventions in it,if they are via twisting or flips,they are imitated from Tricking or Gymnastics.

You may can compare Gymnastics with Tricking,but it’s impossible to compare Tricking with Freerunning.


The cause of several injuries in Freerunning is that there’re no measurements or standards in it. For example on a rock if a freerunner wants to break records or create new moves,there’s an extremely high risk of injuries for him.

Freerunning came from Parkour,but David Bell was opposed to it,because he believes that Parkour is for being safe so health is really important in Parkour,but Freerunning is dangerous sport and it’s opposed to being healthy.
















People actually exercise sports for some main reasons;

First for being healthy and second for getting powerful to be able to defend oneself,and well,defense is either fight or running away from the dangerous situation like Parkour.

There’s something important that we literally see no tracers(Parkour athletes),they are pretty few;people who do movements on barriers are actually freerunners not tracers.

People will see how dangerous Freerunning is,so it will be abrogated one day.

To sum up, Tricking is a sport that attracts many freerunners,because there are many movements in Freerunning that are imitated from Tricking,so Tricking looks a good new sport to them;but they have some restrictions if they want to exercise Tricking,they should quit training the dangerous Freerunning movements.

On the other hand,health is something horrible important in Tricking,Tricking is literally opposed to fight or punching,so this is why Tricking is a dramatic martial art,because health is important.



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