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: حرکت، تعادل، هیجان با آیسی مانکی برای اولین بار در ایران، مسابقات تریکینگ آیسی مانکی. #نوشیدنی #آیسی_مانکی #یختوبشکن #تریکینگ #ایونت #ایران #تهران #BreakTheIce #IcyMonkey #drink #IcyMonkey_Tricking #tricking #event #IcyMonkeyDrink #Iran #Tehran A post shared by Icy Monkey (@icymonkeydrink) on Oct 9, 2017 at 8:21am PDT  

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Comparing Tricking with other sports

    Comparing Tricking with other sports   In this chapter,I’m going to compare Tricking with other sports,especially with martial arts,extreme,dramatic,and exhibitive sports like Gymnastics,Break Dance,Parkour,and Freerunning. This last chapter is a little long,so read it carefully to avoid misunderstanding. In the end,comment your ideas,suggestions,and reviews below this chapter. With regards to all athletes around the world!         Martial arts can be categorized to 3 main groups: ۱-Fighting martial arts ۲-Self defense and cold weapons martial arts ۳-Dramatic or exhibitive martial arts Fighting Martial arts can be categorized to 5 main groups: Powers like Muay Thai,Kyokushin Speeds […]

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Tricking and Freerunning differences

  Tricking and Freerunning differences   As Freerunning is freestyle on barriers,we see new movements in this sport everyday;because of this,some Tricking acrobats such as “Corkscrew” and “B-Twist” are done in Freerunning. Except this pretty small similarity between Tricking and Freerunning,there are many differences between these 2 sports that are written in 6 major cases below: ۱- The basis of Tricking is doing quick kicks and whipping kicks with twisting around the vertical axis of the body,in contrast,there is no kicking in Freerunning.(and this makes Tricking more freestyle because it’s not just creativity in acrobats,it also needs creativity in kicks,so […]

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Cold weapons in Tricking

    Cold weapons in Tricking   Cold weapons are pretty important in Tricking; Bo staff(hyper weapons double bo staff) Sword(hyper weapons double swords) Kamma(hyper weapons double kammas) Swinging weapons in Tricking is quite different than other antique martial arts. In Tricking,throwing the weapon has a great point and is important,while throwing weapon is forbidden in other martial art styles.    

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The end of Tricking!

  The end of Tricking!   Tricking doesn’t have training or career limitation,we can’t say what is in the end of Tricking. Tricking is evolving and developing from inside automatically,it’s ebullient. It’s being updated constantly. It’s in Tricking’s nature to be creative and always create new movements so because of this,Tricking doesn’t have a stable shape and is changing over time. Because of Tricking(as a use from Tricking)other martial arts,also other extreme and freestyle sports such as Break Dance,Parkour,Freerunning,and even Gymnastics are imitating Tricking and it’s tricks. Tricking brought a great evolution in Martial Arts. Tricking’s essence is martial. Tricking […]

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Expressions and bowing in Tricking

    Expressions and bowing in Tricking   All the expressions in Tricking are English. In Tricking any trickers should bow when coming to the podium. Then bows towards audiences when stands by the middle judge. Then bows towards the 5 main judges when the middle judge orders,at the end,bows towards his opponent by the middle judge’s order.  

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Grades in Tricking

  Grades in Tricking   Tricking grades include: Amateur including belts,Yellow,Orange,Green,Clay. Semi_pro including belts,Purple,Red,Brown. Professional including Black belts Dan 1 to Dan 10. In Tricking grades are shown with belts. Tricking’s uniform is in 4 cloths: ۱-Tight legs or trousers ۲-Shorts ۳-Long length T_shirt ۴-Belt to determine the grade    

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Prohibited movements in Tricking

    Prohibited movements in Tricking   As healthcare is very important in Tricking,some Gymnastics dangerous acrobats such as: Double backflip Double frontflip Double sideflip Tsukahara ۱٫۵ flips whicn include dives are prohibited in Tricking. If a tricker does any of these acrobats in the battle,he’d be omitted from the battle.      

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Freestyle Tricking

  Freestyle Tricking   What does freestyle mean? Why Tricking is called freestyle? Freestyle means creativity,invention,breaking rules and regulations. Simply,for example there’s no freestyle in Gymnastics because gymnasts cannot create new movements in any style,they must do and train in a particular set of rules. Break Dance is freestyle and a dancer can create new movements or dances in the frame of Break Dance. There’s no freestyle in Parkour,because basically the philosophy of Parkour is not good for being freestyle;parkour movements should be simple,cursive,fluent,and should be done in the least period of time possible. Also there’s a little freestyle in […]

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Levels in Tricking

  Levels in Tricking   Tricking amateur level includes belts: Yellow Orange Green Clay In 4 age categories: +۲۰(adults) +۱۵(teenagers) +۱۰(youngsters) -۱۰(kids) In 2 battle styles: Freestyle battling Hyper weapons battling   Totally 24 medals are given to the amateur level.   Tricking semi_pro level includes belts: Purple Red Brown In 4 age categories: +۲۰(adults) +۱۵(teenagers) +۱۰(youngsters) -۱۰(kids) In 2 battle styles: Freestyle battling Hyper weapons battling   Totally 24 medals are given to the semi_pro level.   Tricking professional level includes belts: Black(Dan 1 to Dan 10) In 4 age categories: +۲۰(adults) +۱۵(teenagers) +۱۰(youngsters) -۱۰(kids) In 2 battle styles: […]

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